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“Ashu has the graceful presence and power to help people discover their passion and purpose, unleash their potential and design a life of success and joy. Her intuitive and strategic approach can help business leaders and their teams grow and contribute with excellence.”

Jack Canfield
Jack Canfield
Founder, The Canfield Training Group
Jack Canfield

Ashu Khanna’s insightful book, ‘I Am Abundance, Live Life with Mastery’ is a masterclass in letting go of the ego. Each Chapter reveals another path to genuine self reflection and inner contentment…Awareness is crucial if we want to change our behavior for the better… I recommend keeping Ashu’s book on your nightstand so you can reach for it everyday, to absorb and reabsorb its inspiring lessons.

Marshall Goldsmith
Dr. Marshall Goldsmith
World renowned Leadership Thinker & Coach
World renowned Leadership Thinker & Coach

Most of us spend our lives surviving rather than living. This is the pattern imposed on us when we are forced to earn a living in a large, often hostile environment. Ashu shows us how to meet this challenge and come out smiling.

Ruskin Bond
Mr. Ruskin Bond
Author & Awardee of Padma Shree & Padma Bhushan
Author & Awardee of Padma Shree & Padma Bhushan

Ashu’s book, ‘I Am Perfection, Live Life Joyfully’, reveals the journey of a seeker searching for the goal in life that every human being has - happiness…. It is inspiring to see how she has used the lessons of The Gita to change from being sensitive to being compassionate, from being ambitious to being fearless, from worrying to being joyful in the present moment…each one of us can easily relate to Ashu’s quest for happiness.

Ajay and Swati Piramal
Ajay & Swati Piramal
Vice Chairperson & Chairman Piramal Group

It is fascinating to read how Ashu has captured her journey of transformation in ‘I Am Perfection, Live Life Joyfully’. She has, in a comprehensible language, beautifully explained that Joy is our true nature…that we must learn to shift our focus from ‘what is missing’ to ‘what exists’…Ashu emphasizes that “outer” perfection is a myth…. Life is beautiful and we must learn to take leadership to be able to play the game of life to the fullest.

Harsh Mariwala
Harsh Mariwala
Founder & Chairman, Marico Kaya Ltd
Marico Kaya Ltd

I have enjoyed reading Ashu Khanna’s book “I Am Perfection, Live Life Joyously”. The book gives the reader the path to finding how to live with happiness. Ashu encourages us to trust our inner instinct and recognize that it is our fears and perceptions that block us…She also describes that we should live life as an explorer and that failure or not knowing is a part of life. When we are true to our inner self, we are joyful and able to influence & impact others.

Ronnie Screwvala
Mr. Ronnie Screwvala
Co-Founder & Chairman,
Co-Founder & Chairman,

This book will appeal to all on a spiritual journey irrespective of how much distance one has travelled. The power of the book is in the authenticity of experiences described and the courage of self-disclosure in a most honest fashion. Everyone can relate to some or most of Ashu's experiences and get help for accelerating their spiritual progress.

Mr. Akhil Gupta
Founder Director at UEF

For happiness, joy and evolution... It is important to live a life of mindfulness. Mindfulness is an outcome of correct thinking and correct action. You can achieve that through checking your own behavior and mind from time to time. Ashu's book will you help create the direction.

Analjeet Singh
Mr. Analjit Singh
Founder & Chairman, Max India

Our most courageous act is to fully see ourselves…Ashu’s transformative story inspires us to activate a true, vibrant relationship with ourselves now. By embracing our uniqueness and listening to life's whispers, we awaken to our own abundance and authenticity, becoming leaders of self and models for others in love.

Janet Harvey
Janet Harvey
CEO & President, inviteCHANGE

Ashu describes her own life journey powerfully and engagingly, without recriminations, self pity or victimhood. In the process, she has also captured the human conditions we all and I could see and hear my own fears, anger and assorted flaws so clearly. I love that she has turned living life into a simple and joyful experience that we can all aspire to.

Lynne Marks
Lynne Marks
Owner and President at London Image Institute
london image institute

Ashu has conducted group training workshops for our sales and research teams. She has also successfully coached one of the executives of Enam Securities, Mumbai for certain personal attributes identified by us. I was pleased to see significant behavior enhancement and Ashu was successful in guiding the executive to make changes towards improvement in relationships and career performance.

Manish Chokani
Mr. Manish Chokhani
Director at ENam Holdings Pvt Ltd

Knowing and working with Ashu has been a personally and professionally enriching experience. Her worldview has a deep philosophical underpinning and is informed by clarity of thought and tempered by strong sense of honesty, compassion and generosity. Ashu has the desire and the ability to make a difference.

Jaideep Gupta
Mr. Jaideep Khanna
Head Asia Pacific, Barclays

“Ashu is a very effective coach. Her authenticity coupled with a combination of her candor & pragmatic suggestions makes her a coach par excellence.”

Sudhanshu Vats
Mr. Sudhanshu Vats
Managing Director Designate at Pidilite Industries Limited

I would compare her discussion somewhat like what Lord Krishna had with Arjuna, where Lord Krishna did not teach him how to fight, he merely helped him clear his mind.

Mr. Rahul Kanodia
Vice Chairman & CEO, Datamatics Global Services Limited

“Ashu's approach was very simple conversations coupled with very powerful questioning which led to deep introspection... she awakened the tools that we have within ourselves and put it to good use.”

Mr. Vivek Venkatachalam
CEO Raychem RPG
raychem rpg

Ashu has worked as a coach with my team on a few occasions to help improve teamwork and team dynamics. Working with a group of type A investment bankers can be pretty tough. Ashu was able to draw out the team to share their views openly in a constructive manner.

Mr. V Anantharaman
Senior Advisor, Independent Director, Board mentor
standard chartered

Ashu is highly effective and very committed to perform. She is tenacious and does not give up until she has demonstrated change in the person she is coaching.

Rattan Keswani
Mr. Rattan Keshwani
Former Dep MD Lemon Tree Hotels Ltd
Lemon tree

Ashu has incredible poise, presence and maturity. She has the unique combination of keen intellect and an ability to relate to people, both of which are critical for someone bringing out a transformation in others.

Anuroop Singh
Mr. Anuroop (Tony) Singh
Former Vice Chairman, Max New York Life Insurance Ltd
Max New York Life Insurance Ltd

I have known and worked with Ashu Khanna for a number of years on various programs and have found her to be a very effective coach and trainer. Her programs on leadership and Branding are particularly of high order and clubbed with her unique individual style have proven to be quite impactful.

Awdhesh Krishna
Mr. Awdhesh Krishna
Founder, Strategii At Work
Strategii At Work

Halcyon engaged Ashu Khanna for Personal Coaching and Leadership Development of its small team of high achieving individuals. Ashu planned the assignment in a meticulous manner after fully understanding Halycon's business needs, the individuals and their motivations, the issues and challenges within...

Narayan Seshadri
Mr. Narayan K Seshadri
Managing Partner & Chairman at Tranzmute LLP
Tranzmute LLP

Ashu has a knack for cutting to the heart of the matter, no matter how complicated it may be. Her direct approach towards stating the issues up front, and then exploring solutions works very well.

Ashok Bajpai
Mr. Ashok Bajpai
Group Head Operational Strategy, IHH Healthcare
IHH Healthcare

...having Ashu as your coach is a God send. Because, Ashu's primary focus is not limited to addressing the immediate areas of concern but to transform you inside out. She helps you (if you let her) discover and reinforce your own core beliefs, values and approaches. Her approach is to focus on you such that you can grow across all dimensions, making you capable of reaching the "here" seamlessly... and empowering you to reach the future "theres" as well!

Rajeev Ved
Mr. Rajeev Ved
Co-Founder & CEO, MyTrio

In group interactions...Ashu helped those group detoxify the relationships between the bosses and the more junior folk...her honesty is just amazing, honesty that she has and forces on you by making you confront things that you may not want to confront about yourself.

Frank Hancock
Mr. Frank Hancock
Chairman, Hakluyt & Company, India
Hakluyt & Company

This fascinating book kept me riveted from the first page. Through its gripping narrative of self-discovery and transformation, I experienced a mini-transformation, connecting deeply with myself and the world. Ashu brings alive ancient wisdom for becoming an authentic human being, coach, and leader, emphasizing the importance of trusting one’s Inner Voice…I strongly recommend "I Am Perfection" to all who want to experience life's joys and unleash their potential.

Rajeev Dubey
Mr. Rajeev Dubey
Chairman- MIBL, MFCWL, MSSCL and Member of Governing Body of ILO, Geneva

Coaching has helped in my self worth... Coaching has unleashed the dragon from within me, it has truly helped me at work.

Amit Thacker
Mr. Amit Thacker
Managing Director at SD Corporation P.Ltd
SD Corporation P.Ltd

The way Ashu said ... scratched something on many levels on many surfaces... that thinking really led me to a lot of change. I would thank Ashu on many levels but most of all she made be connect or reconnect with my inner self.

Arjun Khanna
Mr. Arjun Khanna
Couturier for Mens wear

It was an authentic space to embrace one's vulnerability - a space that Ashu Khanna created for a group of SSE India fellows to have conversations which would otherwise never happen. In her true spirit & passion to help people unleash their potential and find their own answers by expressing what is, what they wish and what they are doing about it?, She inspired many to come forward and have difficult conversations.

shalabh Mittal
Mr. Shalabh Mittal
CEO, School for Social Entrepreneurs India
School for Social Entrepreneurs India

The feedback that we received seemed to indicate that it was a very timely programme that you conducted and that the participants found the same to be extremely helpful and practical.

vandana shroff
Mrs. Vandana Shroff
Partner, Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas
Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas

The coaching sessions with Ms. Ashu Khanna, have been transformative, especially in leadership communication, big-picture thinking, and managing risks and conflicts…Ashu's guidance has equipped me with the tools and confidence to lead initiatives, drive policy advocacy, and foster meaningful relationships with partners...Thank you for the incredible guidance and support.

Sandhyaa Mishra
Mrs. Sandhyaa Mishra
Senior Director, Govt & Strategic Partnerships, Miracle Foundation
Miracle Foundation

I opened the book, I Am Perfection, intending to glance through a few pages, but I ended up engrossed and finished it in one go. Credit goes to Ashu’s storytelling style and honesty.…The beautiful voice from the heart, recounting joys like singing Bollywood numbers and walking on grass, makes the imagery powerful. This book is truly beautiful.

Aquil Busrai
Aquil Busrai
CEO, Aquil Busrai Consulting