I Am Freedom

Live Life with Awareness

In 2006, Ashu awakened to the realisation that she had limited her life with her perceptions. By living with awareness, as she discovered new perspectives, she was able to shed her conditioned thoughts and explore the abundance of life fearlessly. Contemplating regularly helped anchor her emotions internally and expand the observer. The realisation that we are born free and perfect, encouraged her to write her first book, I Am Freedom. I Am Freedom, Live Life with Awareness, encourages us to turn inwards and live in alignment with our inner voice to be the architects of our life.

Foreword By Ruskin Bond

“Most of us spend our lives surviving rather than living. This is the pattern imposed on us when are forced to earn a living in a large, rather hostile environment. Ashu shows us how to meet this challenge and come out smiling.”

I Am… Life Is…

Live Life with Mastery

As Ashu progressed on her inner journey and shed her deep seated attachments, she started observing the interconnectedness and oneness of life. Exploring the abundance of life, her relationship with different facets of life such as time, balance, health, excellence etc expanded to be more holistic and inclusive. As her relationship with her inner voice deepened, she noticed that life is a mirror to what we hold within and is a sport governed by laws of Nature. This realisation acted as a catalyst to writing her second book, I Am…Life Is…Live Life with Mastery.

Foreword By Marshall Goldsmith

“Awareness is crucial if we want to change our behaviour for the better – its possible, especially with the insights in this book. I recommend keeping it on your nightstand or somewhere you can reach for it every day, to absorb and reabsorb its inspiring lessons.”

To that with Love & Reverence

Gratitude for the sense of freedom and abundance of life, unleashed a child-like excitement in Ashu. She experienced the emergence of a new form of expression, poetry. Thrilled with the ability to be innovative, she penned down the poems in her book, To that with Love & Reverence. Breaking down the complexity of life in simple words, the poems respond to the centuries old inquiry of what is Life, who am I and how do I live life.

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I Am Perfection

Live Life Joyfully

Living joyfully, Ashu was inspired to acknowledge the perfection of the voice within. Humbled with this realisation, she decided to walk down memory lane to capture her entire journey of transformation. In I Am Perfection, Live Life Joyfully, she has shared her story from living a life of ignorance to awakening and deepening her relationship with the inner voice. Embracing her reality, she has committed her life to living as an authentic leader.

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