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I Am Freedom

Live Life with Awareness
I Am Freedom is my inner journey to seeking answers on how to live life with ease and grace. Our inner self is always free and is the observer to life. My perceptions had clouded my truth as a manifestation of Universal Love. Awakening to this truth, I have pierced through my ego to reconnect with my inner voice. This voice of consciousness guides us on how to navigate the transitions of life to unleash our potential. Based on my insights and experiences, I have distilled the wisdom of the scriptures in a simple way to live life successfully and happily..

I Am Abundance

Live a Life of Possibilities
I Am Abundance presents an opportunity in every moment to choose how to act, think, and feel. Nature has showered us with diverse manifestations to learn, transform, and grow. By expanding our awareness, we can redefine our perspectives to embrace the abundance of life and unleash our potential.

Life is simple and beautiful, and we complicate it with our clutter of thoughts. We make a drama of life, whereas life is a sport to be played. Compassion, Love, and Happiness are our true expressions. We can harness these when we live in alignment with our inner voice.
I Am Abundance
I Am Love

I Am Love

Live Life with Gratitude
I Am Love is a collection of poems that respond to the deepest quest of mankind. We all seek to know What is life, Who am I, and How to live a life of purpose and happiness. Life is simple and beautiful. Life is a play to be enjoyed. I had got so caught up in my web of thoughts, that I missed being grateful for the gifts of life. My journey of search made me realize that happiness exists within, and I had to understand my true essence to grow into a leader in my life.

I Am Perfection

Live Life Joyfully
I Am Perfection reveals a seeker's journey of moving from victimhood to mastery. I had spent my life trying to understand "how to be a perfect human being." I have realized that life is perfect in every moment, and we too are perfect. The play of life is designed for us to transform and grow into an instrument of Universal Love. Inner Perfection is an experience that cannot be defined or confined, it is infinite and unique. We have to find our own rhythm and expression by living in alignment with our inner voice as a manifestation of Universal Love.

The “I Am - Playbook to Happiness” App

Our inner voice, I Am, is the Playbook for Happiness. I have converted the framework into a Digital Playbook for Happiness.

The “I Am” App to connect yourself!

Our inner voice, I Am, is the Playbook for Happiness. I have converted the framework into a Digital Playbook for Happiness.

The Playbook acts as a catalyst for living with awareness, well being, creativity, excellence and joy.