In group interactions...Ashu helped those group detoxify the relationships between the bosses and the more junior folk...her honesty is just amazing, honesty that she has and forces on you by making you confront things that you may not want to confront about yourself
Mr. Frank Hancock
Country Head, Hakluyt & Co; Former MD, Barclays India
Ashu's worldview has a deep philosophical underpinning and is informed by clarity of thought and tempered by strong sense of honesty, compassion and generosity.
Mr. Jaideep Khanna
Head Asia Pacific, Barclays Bank Plc
Ashu is a very effective coach. Her authenticity coupled with a combination of her candor & pragmatic suggestions makes her a coach par excellence.
Mr. Sudhanshu Vats
Group CEO, Viacom 18 Media Pvt Ltd
Ashu has incredible poise, presence and maturity. She has the unique combination of keen intellect and an ability to relate to people, both of which are critical for someone bringing out a transformation in others.
Mr. Anuroop (Tony) Singh
Vice Chairman, Max New York Life Insurance Co. Ltd.
Ashu's approach was very simple conversations coupled with very powerful questioning which led to deep introspection... she awakened the tools that we have within ourselves and put it to good use.
Mr. Vivek Venkatachalam
Region Director, Oiltanking(ME & I) and MD, Indian Oiltanking Ltd
The way Ashu said ... scratched something on many levels on many surfaces... that thinking really led me to a lot of change. I would thank Ashu on many levels but most of all she made be connect or reconnect with my inner self.
Mr. Arjun Khanna
Couturier for Menswear
Ashu has a knack for cutting to the heart of the matter, no matter how complicated it may be. Her direct approach towards stating the issues up front, and then exploring solutions works very well.
Mr. Ashok Bajpai
Group Head of Operations & Integration, IHH Healthcare Berhad; Former CEO & Regional Director, Essar Steel.
Ashu is highly effective and very committed to perform. She is tenacious and does not give up until she has demonstrated change in the person she is coaching.
Mr. Rattan Keswani
Deputy Managing Director, lemon Tree Hotels
I would compare her discussion somewhat like what Lord Krishna had with Arjuna, where Lord Krishna did not teach him how to fight, he merely helped him clear his mind.
Mr. Rahul Kanodia
Vice Chairman & CEO, Datamatics Global Services
Ashu Khanna

Ashu Khanna

Ashu, Founder & CEO of Arka Leadership, has an experience of over 28 years, as entrepreneur, leadership coach, author, speaker and chartered accountant. Highly perceptive and fearless, she embraces the joie de vivre of life. She has successfully partnered with many CXO's to reimagine possibilities and feel empowered to design a life of success and joy. Ranked #29 amongst the 100 Emerging Voices in India by YourStory; received award for 101 Fabulous Coaches in India by World Coaching Congress.

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Our relationship with our inner voice is the key to living life joyfully.

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A Global collaboration of senior coaches, Leadership, and HR experts.

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Develop authentic leaders in the world who are joyful and successful.

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I have shared my journey of inner transformation in my books to provoke inquiry and contemplation into our state of being and to live in alignment with our authentic self. These books serve as a guide to grow into an authentic leader.

Self Awareness Is Key To Self Leadership.

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